We selected Mr. Matt Bayley as our Real Estate Agent. And we are very happy we did. He gave us helpful hints throughout the stressful event of selling our home. He took a lot of the stress away from us with his vast knowledge of the Real Estate Business. We can certainly recommend Matt for all your Real Estate matters. He also saved us a lot of money.Thanks so much Matt,

Gabriela and Dieter.

We couldn’t have been happier with System Select Realty. Our agent was knowledgeable about all aspects of the market, professional and honest about the pros and cons on each property we took a look at. Matt made buying our first home go very smoothly.

Gary and Nicole Pullin


When I first saw the ad claiming I could list and sell my home for as little as a half percent commission, I was skeptical. I had already tried selling my home using one of those so-called commission-free companies which only resulted in me paying non-refundable fees without any success.  I called to get more information and found out that not only did I not have to pay anything upfront, but I wouldn’t pay anything unless I sold at a price I was happy with! I was very pleased with the treatment and service I received through System Select. They listened to my needs and sold my home quickly with very little trouble. I would definitely recommend calling System Select if you have a home to sell.

Irwin P.

Great and professional service! System Select helped us find the place we wanted in a short amount of time. We are very happy to have worked with Matt, everything went smoothly thanks to him.

Bissan G.

When my husband and I were searching for our home System Select went above and beyond to help us find our home!

Lisa D.

Our Experience with System Select Realty

The thought of selling our home was exciting given our plans but all the while very daunting for us. We are seniors and have been in our location for 32 years.

From our first encounter with Matthew he made us feel confident that we are in good hands. He explained the entire process, how he was planning to manage our sale and laid out reasonable expectation. He addressed all our questions and concerns and was always available to answer any question by phone or E Mail.

So what was important to us?

Confidence in the person helping us to sell our property.

Matthew has been in the real-estate business for many years and he was up to speed with every aspect of our challenge. Our farm property is somewhat unique with a narrow market appeal. We know our property and Matthew was quick to know and appreciate what was needed to present our home in the best possible light.

Knowledge and market common sense.

We met other realtors who suggested opportunities of big money and an easy sale. Matthew was very realistic in both the realities of our property value and the prospect of attracting the right buyer. He prepared a farm property profile that brought out all the best and saleable aspects. We were impressed in the early part of our relationship when he insisted on seeing the entire farm including walking out to back 40’s to see everything. The long grass and horse poop and horse in the pasture did not deter him. He needed to know what he was dealing with.


We are not that flexible and for us being able to depend on what a man says and what he actually does is very important. Matthew met every obligation he set. If he said he would be there at X time he was…every time!


Selling a home…your home is personal. Matthew made certain that anyone who wanted to consider our home was in a serious position to do so and financially qualified to do so.



Actual selling.

Well this is the important part. Negotiations and forms management may be a piece cake for young people but as seniors this was all new territory for us. As offers were received Matthew would review every aspect, explain the pluses and minuses and work with us to fully understand and consider the options. If we had a question he knew or found the answer. We never felt pressured to move in one direction or the other. Here are the facts, fully explained. If there were aspects of the offer that were sub optimal he made certain we were aware. It’s your decision he would say. We went through this process several times and never once was he anything but understanding and helpful and patient with us. We felt confident that Matthew wanted the best possible outcome for us.

So the long and short. Selling your family home can be an emotional rollercoaster. For us Matthew brought a sense of calm and confident support at every step beginning to end. We are sad to leave our home but happy to begin our new journey and Matthew made it a positive experience.

Gary and Linda Byrne

When I sell, I feel as though my interests are both represented and protected. His assistance really helps me feel informed so I can be confident when making one of life’s big decisions.

As a long-time client of Matt’s, I have always found him to be a knowledgeable professional, who is not only reliable but can be trusted with all aspects of buying or selling a property.


The professional services made the entire process of selling my rental property much smoother than I anticipated. I was delighted to receive multiple offers and ultimately sell my investment for 100% of asking price, all in a couple of weeks – thanks again!

Trish Rogers