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If you buy a home that is listed by a Realtor, almost invariably you will do so as either a client or a customer of a Realtor. Please see the chart below provided by the Alliance for Canadian Real Estate Education. It illustrates agency fundamentals that apply to all Realtors in Ontario. It will hopefully shed some light on a Realtor’s role and help you decide whether you would like to be a customer or a client.



When the idea of buying a house has moved past the pondering stage and begins to seem real and attainable, it’s not uncommon to feel considerable excitement and anticipation. The pride of ownership, the making a house into a home, it feels great thinking of the upcoming memories which will soon materialize. You’re certain it’s the right direction for you. Now it’s time to put a plan into motion but unfortunately many prospective buyers find those recent good feelings can quite abruptly change…

From mortgage brokers to banks, to insurance quotes to home inspectors, appraisers, and contractors to lawyers and closing costs, and of course there’s all those real estate sales people! It doesn’t take long until the whole process seems daunting and just plain unenjoyable. Not to worry…

At this point there is typically no shortage of advice, from parents to friends to adult children, to aunts and uncles, everybody has ideas to help out. Coming back are those good feelings as you realize just how many people around you are watching out for your best interest. You trust them and you’re happy to have their input, and you probably wouldn’t trade it for the world. So what’s the problem?

No matter who you are or how much advice you have available, there is no substitute for a comprehensive professional advisor providing coordination of the entire transaction, someone who can offer personalized and experienced guidance so that when the time comes, you’ll be ready to make those big decisions. Yes, you guessed it….you should really start by selecting a Realtor. Most people don’t represent themselves buying a home for the same reason I don’t work on my own car. If you’re not an expert, mistakes can be significant and costly. Many people mistakenly believe that Realtors only show homes, negotiate deals and do paperwork, but there is much more. A good Realtor offers help at every step of the home buying experience, allowing you the room to make the decisions that suit you best.

Choosing a Realtor…
Almost everyone knows someone in real estate, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around. The key is selecting a Realtor that suits you. Are they experienced? Do you feel comfortable with them? Do you get the sense your wants and needs will be their main focus?

I am pleased to offer anyone considering buying a property a free consultation to see if my style feels right to you.  Whether it be myself or another Realtor, just make sure you have someone in your corner, representing you. It can really make all the difference.


Matt Bayley, Broker of Record

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