Low commissions and premiere service!

Welcome! My name is Matt Bayley, the Broker of Record at System Select Realty.  2019 marks my 23rd anniversary representing buyers and sellers as a registered real estate sales representative and later a broker. However, my passion for the business started long before that.

In 1967, my father entered the real estate profession, and by the time I came along, my dad, Murray, was already a broker with his own offices alongside his business partner. I spent a lot of time in my early days in a real estate office.  It’s safe to say I have always considered real estate to be my family business. Honestly, I don’t remember a time when I gave another occupation any serious consideration.

From 1995 to the beginning of 1997, while transitioning from school to full time career, I worked as an assistant to my father who, by that time, was just a short time away from retirement and was happy to show his son the ropes.

Together we used to discuss ways to make the family move more affordable. The fact is the typical family moves several times in their lifetime. The very expensive fees paid every time they switch houses can commonly add up to tens of thousands of dollars, making a huge impact on a family’s long term financial strength.

For much of my life, I have been envisioning a different, more direct approach to selling real estate. I have focused my efforts on finding ways to ensure families receive all that their home is worth, without giving up a huge portion of the proceeds to sales people and brokers. I worked to find a way to save peoples hard earned money while still making a living. My goal is to be a positive influence within the real estate industry bringing happy buyers and sellers together in the most cost effective manner.

In my search for a better way, two problems have become glaringly obvious to me. The first is that many homeowners buy services they simply don’t need, as services are commonly presented to them in a large bundle without much flexibility.  The second is that many home sellers are not aware of the more streamlined options available to get their home sold while netting the most in their pockets.

The equation is simple:

  1. Sell for the most the market will bring for your property.
  2. Pay only what is necessary in fees and commissions.

Put those two things together and what you’re left with is a truly efficient real estate transaction.

I will use proven systems to facilitate the sale of your home for all that it’s worth in a timely manner. If your property or individual situation includes special challenges, I will offer you a customized package with your specific goals in mind.

It’s your choice. It’s your savings.